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KRAIBURG TPE are one of the world’s largest compounders of TPE, mainly under the THERMOLAST®trademark. Their portfolio covers grades from Shore A0 to Shore D50. They produce six main product families:



THERMOLAST® K – TPE-S, based on hydrogenated styrene block copolymer (HSBC). These are very versatile materials, suited to almost all general purpose applications including co-moulding and co-extrusions with all kinds of engineering and commodity substrates (PP, ABS, PC, PA of all types, for example)



THERMOLAST® M – TPE-S, based on hydrogenated styrene block copolymer (HSBC), like THERMOLAST K, but designed for applications in the medical sector. These products are tested ISO10993-4, ISO10993-5, ISO10993-10, ISO10993-11 and USP class VI. They have a built-in change control system as they carry a guarantee of continuity of supply for 24 months, and all have Drug Master Files



THERMOLAST® V – are TPE-V types, based on cross-linked hydrogenated styrene block copolymer. These have increased heat resistance when compared to TPE-S and also class-leading long term compression and relaxation set values, making them particularly useful for sealing applications.



HIPEX® – is a TPE-V type demonstrating very good resistance to oils, fuels and greases. HIPEX®also has excellent heat resistance and can be used in applications where long term performance even up to 150 deg C is required.



COPEC® – is a proprietary TPE designed for hand held electronics and wearable technology and gives excellent performance in co-moulded applications onto PC or ABS. It shows very good resistance to skin oils, sun creams etc and also has a silky surface which is easy to keep clean. These materials have been tested to demonstrate that they do not cause skin irritation.