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Vamp Tech are an Italian compounder of engineering plastics producing a wide range of standard compounds based on PA6, PA66, PPA, POM, PBT etc / incorporating a variety of filler, additives, glass fibre, glass beads, minerals, carbon fibre & PTFE, etc. Their particular focus is on flame retarded products but they also produce a extensive range  of ESD/semi-conductive compounds and lubricated materials. 

We carry a variety of their flame retarded grades - PP, PA6, PA66, PPA and PBT from stock. 


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Flame-retarded compounds

Are Vamp-Tech’s specialty. They produce FR compounds based on all material types starting from PP, but also including PA6, PA66, PA12, PPA, PBT etc etc. Vamp-Tech have a very strong portfolio of the UL listings commonly known as ‘Yellow Cards’, and also a range of compounds meeting the requirement of EN45545. They have a very long-standing expertise in FR systems, and produce using a variety of both halogen-free and RoHS-compliant halogen systems, depending on end user requirements.

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Lubricated compounds

As well as standard compounded solutions based on engineering materials with glass and/or mineral fillers and colour systems, they also supply a wide range of lubricated polymers using PTFE, MoS2, silicone, graphite and aramid fibre (or mixtures of these).


Electrostatic-dissipative/semi-conductive compounds

Vamp-Tech are producers of ESD/semi-conductive systems based on engineering materials but also on PP and ABS. For this they make use of carbon powder, carbon fibre, carbon nano-tubes, or conductive polymers depending on the end use requirements and the base polymer system.


With such a broad spread of possibilities, we are sure we can find effective and economic solutions to your problems with compounds from Vamp-Tech!

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