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KRAIBURG TPE are one of the world’s largest compounders of TPE mainly under the THERMOLAST®trademark. Their portfolio covers grades from Shore A0 to Shore D50. They produce six main product families:


Our widely used THERMOLAST® K materials have been developed to meet current market demands. These compounds are based on hydrogenated styrene block copolymers and are used in virtually all industries. They are readily available and tried and tested in many industry-specific applications. We offer, for example, special food-grade THERMOLAST® K - TPE, as well as materials that are engineered to meet the requirements of the automotive industry. THERMOLAST® K compounds can be processed in many different ways: injection moulding, extrusion or blow molding.
THERMOLAST® K in a glance:

  • Co-injection moulding in combination with many materials such as ABS, PC, PBT, PETG, ASA, SAN, PMMA, PET, PA 6/6.6/12, POM, PS, HIPS

  • Compounds optimized for extrusion

  • 0 shore A to 66 shore D

  • Easy to colour with masterbatch

  • High elongation at break values 

  • Elastic at low temperatures (to -42 °C)

  • High thermal stability (to 125 °C)

  • Excellent resistance against UV light, ozone and weathering

  • Kalahari and Florida tested

  • Recyclable

  • Free of latex and PVC

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