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Based in Germany, KRAIBURG TPE are compounders of TPEs under the tradename THERMOLAST®, based mainly on hydrogenated styrene block copolymer (HSBC). KRAIBURG TPE  have a full range of materials of this type, including bonding grades to all kinds of engineering plastic substrates, FDA-compliant grades, flame-retarded grades, grades meeting the requirements of the UK potable water regulations (WRAS or BS6920), and medical grades.

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Vamp-Tech compounds are produced in Italy and are available based on all the major engineering and commodity materials. Vamp-Tech’s speciality is flame-retarded polymers, where they have a very broad portfolio and a large number of UL listings. As well as basic compounds made using glass fibre or glass beads, or mineral additives, Vamp-Tech also have a broad range of lubricated and electrostatic dissipative products.


Through our sourcing partners we are able to assist in supply of a full range of engineering plastics such as LCP, PA6, PA66, PA12, PBT, PC, PC/ABS, PEI, PMMA, POM, PPE, PPS, PSU and also TPEs of all kinds


Laripur TPU comes to us from Italy. It covers the hardness range from Shore A65 to Shore D72 in both polyester and polyether types. In the Laripur range there are grades meeting food contact requirements, grades which are flame-retarded and UL listed, and also some medical grades that are USP class VI.