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KRAIBURG TPE are one of the world’s largest compounders of TPE mainly under the THERMOLAST®trademark. Their portfolio covers grades from Shore A0 to Shore D50. They produce four main product families:


Highest safety standards and a great service portfolio for our customers worldwide, fundamental features of THERMOLAST® M by KRAIBURG TPE.

Our THERMOLAST® M Service Package, guarantees a maximum of quality, safety and reliability.  

  • All medical compounds are tested according to ISO 10993-5 (Cytotoxicity) and listed as Drug Master File. Selected medical compounds are tested according to medical approvals: USP Class VI (chapter 88), ISO 10993-4 (Haemolysis, indirect in human blood), ISO 10993-10 (Intracutaneous Irritation) and ISO 10993-11 (Acute Systemic Toxicity).

  • No use of animal-based raw materials

  • Extractable studies for selected compounds, which have been especially developed for applications with contact with pharmaceuticals

  • 100% fixed formulation and manufacturers process (adjustments only if the law changes) – At least 24 months notice in case of any change being required to alter the formulation or the process, combined with a delivery guarantee.

  • Optimal production standard at a company-owned medical extrusion system

THERMOLAST® M - Your advantages

  • Optimum safety due to the THERMOLAST® M Service Package

  • Simple moulding process and short cycle times for injection moulding, co-injection moulding and extrusion

  • Guarantee of an optimal raw material purity and of a long-term raw material availability

  • Excellent resealing qualities

  • Outstanding mechanical qualities

  • Translucent compounds make imperfections in the injection moulding visible and reduce the risk of migration

  • Sterilisable with the usual methods, either EtO gas, superheated steam (134°C) or gamma ray treatment (2 x 35 kGy)

  • Free of latex and PVC

  • Translucent, transparent and precoloured compounds available


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