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Vamp Tech are an Italian compounder of engineering plastics producing a wide range of standard compounds based on PA6, PA66, PPA, POM, PBT etc / incorporating a variety of filler, additives, glass fibre, glass beads, minerals, carbon fibre & PTFE, etc. Their particular focus is on flame retarded products but they also produce a extensive range  of ESD/semi-conductive compounds and lubricated materials. 

We carry a variety of their flame retarded grades - PP, PA6, PA66, PPA and PBT from stock. 


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Electrostatic-dissipative/semi-conductive compounds

Vamp Tech are producers of ESD/semi-conductive systems based on engineering materials but also on PP and ABS. For this they make use of carbon powder, carbon fibre, carbon nano-tubes, or conductive polymers depending on the end use requirements and the base polymer system.


With such a broad spread of possibilities, we are sure we can find effective and economic solutions to your problems with compounds from Vamp Tech!



PP, ABS, PA6, PA66, POM and PPA compounds modified to give conductive or ESD performance

Vampstat ( flame-retarded )

PP, ABS, PA6, PA66, PC and PPS compounds modified to give conductive or ESD performance

Thermally conductive compounds

Vamp Tech are now also providing thermally conductive grades based on PP, PA6, PBT and PPS under the trade name Denitherm or Vampterm ( compounds which are also flame-retarded )

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