KRAIBURG TPE are one of the world’s largest compounders of TPE mainly under the THERMOLAST®trademark. Their portfolio covers grades from Shore A0 to Shore D50. They produce four main product families:


The characteristic features of THERMOLAST® A compounds are improved UV resistance and excellent adhesion to PC, ABS and PC/ABS. In addition, the compounds offer great scratch resistance and enhanced haptics. This makes the product particularly suitable for automotive applications or the production of tool handles.   

THERMOLAST® A at a glance

  • Good UV and weather resistance even under extreme conditions

  • Excellent adhesion to PC and ABS

  • Better chemical resistance than THERMOLAST® K

  • Better scratch resistance than THERMOLAST® K

  • 40 - 80 Shore A in black and natural colours

  • Suitable for injection moulding and extrusion

  • Ideal for automotive exterior applications

Series : UV/AD1 ( TAxAOZ)

These grades bond to PC, ABS and are very suitable for automotive exterior applications.

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