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Engineering Plastics


We’ve 20 years experience of sourcing major brand names from a variety of European suppliers. Our focus in this area is on engineering materials – LCP, PA6, PA66, PA12, PBT, PC, PC/ABS, PEI, PMMA, POM, PPE, PPS, PSU & TPEs.


We can’t promise to help with everything – but we promise to try!


Struggling with MOQ….? Looking for improved prices for specified grades…? Trying to find independent advice regarding alternative grades for cost-reduction exercises….? Need to improve supply reliability or security….?


We can often find a way to help with all these issues. After 20 years in the business, we know the engineering plastics sector very well, and as an independent source can give unbiased advice regarding value-for-money and reliability of supply.


Give us a try!!


We can supply a comprehensive range of engineering materials and usually have the following product types from stock (contact us for details of precise grades).

With Picoplast's assistance, we stock a comprehensive range of engineering plastics. We usually hold from stock the following product types (call us to check exact grade codes):

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