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Vamp - Tech spa
Engineered Compounds

Vamp-Tech Spa are an Italian compounder of engineering plastics producing a wide range of standard compounds based on PA6, PA66, PPA, POM, PBT etc. We carry their standard unfilled and 30% glass-fibre filled PA6 grades from stock – Denyl 6 NI and Denyl 6 3010.

Flame-retarded compounds- Are Vamp-Tech’s speciality. They produce FR compounds based on all material types starting from PP, but also including PA6, PA66, PA12, PPA, PBT etc etc. Vamp-Tech have a very strong portfolio of the UL listings commonly known as ‘Yellow Cards’. They have a very long-standing expertise in FR systems, and produce using a variety of both halogen-free and RoHS-compliant halogen systems, depending on end user requirements.


Lubricated compounds- But as well as standard compounded solutions based on engineering materials with glass and/or mineral fillers and colour systems, they also supply a wide range of lubricated polymers using PTFE, MoS2, silicone, graphite and aramid fibre (or mixtures of these).


Electrostatic-dissipative/semi-conductive compounds- Vamp-Tech are also producers of ESD/semi-conductive systems based on engineering materials but also on PP and ABS. For this they make use of carbon powder, carbon fibre, carbon nano-tubes, or conductive polymers depending on the end use requirements and the base polymer system.


With such a broad spread of possibilities, we are sure we can find effective and economic solutions to your problems with compounds from Vamp-Tech!


Vamp-Tech Product Portfolio

Vamp-Tech produce compounds across a very broad range both of base polymers and fillers and additives. The grades listed below give some indication of more common grades, but please ask if the kind of material you are looking for is not listed as it might already have a formulation in place!


Please click for further details of the product groups shown below. A brochure for each product group can be downloaded by clicking on the download button at the bottom of each product table. If you need any individual data sheets or safety data sheets, then please contact Abbey Polymers for further assistance. 

Denyl 6 (PA6 compounds)
Vampamid 6 (FR PA6 compounds)
Denyl 66 (PA66 compounds)
Vampamid 66 (FR PA66 compounds)
Vamplen (FR PP compounds)
Deniform (POM) Deniter (PBT) Deloxen (PPO) Denisab (ABS) compounds
Vampstyr (FR PS), Vampsab (FR ABS), Vampalloy (FR PC/ABS) compounds
Vamporan (FR PPO compounds) & Vampcarb (FR PC compounds)
Vampter (FR PBT compounds) & Vampter C (FR PC/PBT compounds)
Deniblend (PC/ABS) Deniter C (PC/PBT) Deloxen P (PPO/PP) Deniter E (PBT/PET) Denyl A (PA/ABS) Denyl P (PA/PP) compounds
Denilub M (POM) Denilub Y (PA66) Denilub Z (PPA) Denilub B (PBT) Denilub N (PA6) compounds
Vamplub C (FR PC), Vamplub K (FR PEEK), Vamplub F (FR PPS) compounds
Denistat P (PP) Denistat A (ABS) Denistat N (PA6) Denistat M (POM) Denistat Y (PA66) Denistat Z (PPA) compounds
Vampstat P (FR PP), Vampstat A (FR ABS), Vampstat Y (FR PA66), Vampstat C (FR PC), Vampstat F (FR PPS), Vampstat N (FR PA6) compounds
Denyl HT (PPA), Vampamid HT (FR PPA), Denistat Z (antistat PPA), Denilub Z (lubricated PPA), Vampson L (PPS), Vampstat F (antistat PPS), Vamplub F (lubricated PPS), Vampeek A (PEEK), Vamplub K (lubricated PEEK), Vampsulf (PSU) compounds